Tuscany Vegan Cookies – How We Make Our Delicious Natural Goodies?

by | Nov 15, 2021

How were our vegan cookies born?

We are a cookie bakery that not long ago had a vision of making American food clean again. When our team was put together to create Tuscany, we wanted to give our customers the best experience of eating America’s sweetheart dessert with all natural ingredients, because there’s nothing better than eating soft and tasty cookies naturally made! We started out by making traditional flavors, but by the time our team started to develop different flavors such as Strawberry Jelly and Apricot Jelly, we thought “why not add vegan cookies options to our menu?”, and it was in that moment that we knew it was our mission to gather all kinds of customers to our dream. When we saw that our Jelly flavors popularized, we had the idea of also making Jelly Cookies, but this time vegan and with different flavors.

At Tuscany, we don’t add any kind of food preservatives such as artificial flavors, hydrogenated fats and sweeteners, and the same goes to our vegan cookies. We believe that everyone deserves to eat desserts if they want, regardless of any types of restrictions, so we made sure to select the finest ingredients to assure our mission would come true.

By offering different types and flavors, it’s possible to reach all different kinds of customers, and with that our business is always one step ahead of others. It’s all about making our customers feel appreciated and listened to, from California to the entirety of US, and our vegan cookies follow these instructions as well.

How are our vegan cookies made?

Just like any other Tuscany cookie, our vegan goodies are made with the finest natural ingredients. By that we mean we select the best options to maintain the original cookie flavor, but making sure we don’t add any type of food preservatives and artificial flavors.

The process of making them starts in our own bakery, where we already have selected and measured all the ingredients so they can be mixed and combined to start to separate our batches. Since the only difference between our vegan cookies from the ones on our regular lines is that they are made with almond milk and coconut milk. The biggest priority is to keep the batches separated from each other so they don’t mix together at any time during production.

Our vegan cookies come in a few different flavors Guava Jelly, which has a sweet and tropical flavor, Mango Jelly, which tastes like Californian summer in a cookie, and Strawberry Jelly, which tastes like the perfect balance of fruity, sweetness and sourness.

The vegan ingredients create batches that make a unique smooth taste and texture to our cookies. After they go through the oven, it’s time for the vegan cookies to start the cooling process followed by being packed and stored in a safe space, free of exaggerated heat or humidity or any other aspect that could change their quality or taste. They’re finished up being transported to our grocery stores near you so they can be picked and savored by you.

Our team works hard enough to inspect every single move, through every step of the baking process as we need to pay close attention so nothing interferes, the slightest change can compromise the whole batch! We have this compromise because we want you to have the perfect experience, from the first bite to the last crumble in each single cookie from both our regular and vegan cookie lines.

“Are Tuscany Cookies near me?” Here is where and how you can find our cookies!

Even though we are based in Las Vegas we supply across the entire US, and we also keep our production running non-stop so all our customers are supplied, from California to Maine. So, if you are asking yourself “Can I find Tuscany Vegan Cookies near me?”, we have the answer! You can easily find our vegan cookies nearby on partners stores, and we recently launched our online store, so you can place an order from anywhere in the US and receive our freshly made cookies in no-time.

Savoring our Californian vegan cookies options which includes: Guava Jelly, Mango Jelly and Strawberry Jelly never been easier. It’s all about making the best and easiest experience for you. But if you find it better, you can still find our vegan cookies and regular ones nearby at corner stores and others.

We like to keep an open communication with our customers, your feedback is essential for us to keep producing the best cookies you ever had! We’re happy to see you always coming back for more, and that’s why our team works hard to create new and unique recipes every single day. If you want to know more about our dream and our goodies, check out our website and online store and discover all the options we have. We’re sure you’ll find the most unique and delicious cookies you’ve ever tasted, vegan included!