A delightful explosion of spring tropical flavors

This unforgettable box contains 10 MANGO JELLY COOKIES and 10 GUAVA COOKIE PIES. With memorable flavors, these High-quality, stunning cookies are like nothing you have ever seen.

Premium Holiday Cookies Collection

Entice your customers and elevate your store’s festive charm with Tuscany Cookies’ exclusive Holiday Box! The perfect gift with all-natural treats to captivate taste buds. Make your shelves the go-to destination for seasonal joy with this limited-edition collection.

Flexible Packaging Options

As our partner, you can enjoy customizable packaging for our delicious cookies. Tailor the presentation to meet your clients’ preferences, from elegant designs to eco-friendly options. Boost your sales with Tuscany Cookies’ packaging solutions and enhance your product line!

Custom Seasonal Offerings

Our personalized seasonal cookie offerings bring a touch of sweetness to any celebration. Each cookie is a masterpiece, baked to perfection, crafted with love and creativity for all occasions!

Vegan Cookies

For those who follow a restricted diet, we think of you!
Now we have vegan jelly cookies. Incredibly delicious,
fruity, and made with pure, high-quality ingredients!


Our coconut macaroons combine a few
incredibly complimentary flavors: toasted
coconut and milk chocolate!

Cookie Pies

Our delightful cookie pies are handmade with
flavorful and high-quality ingredients!
So try them all and find your favorite one!

Butter Cookies

The classic of the classics: Our butter cookies have magic
that only handmade delights with the finest all-natural
ingredients could have. Place your order and indulge
yourself with these wonders!

Jelly Cookies

Enjoyable jelly between two delicious soft-baked cookies for a treat that is unlike any other!

Variety Cookie Boxes

Special boxes with mixed mouthwatering flavors. These will allow you to savor our treats made with high-quality and all-natural ingredients.

Cookies On Sale!

Apricot Jelly Cookie (18 Cookies)

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Mango Passion Macaroon White Chocolate Box (18 Units)

Original price was: $24.90.Current price is: $16.18.

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Strawberry Cookie Pie Box (18 Cookies)

Original price was: $24.90.Current price is: $16.18.

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Featured Products

Strawberry Vegan Jelly Box (18 Cookeis)

Original price was: $24.90.Current price is: $16.18.

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Grand Cookie Jelly Variety (18 Cookies)

Original price was: $24.90.Current price is: $16.18.

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Yuzu Lime Jelly Cookies Box (18 Cookies)

Original price was: $24.90.Current price is: $16.18.

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Our bakery has repeatedly met and exceeded qualifications; we are an FDA registered facility, HACCP, and GMP certified!

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Our Chef

Our award-winning master chef Diego Silva, creator of Avatar Natural Foods, Tuscany Cookies and other brands, has introduced Nevada and the World to the finest quality products ever brought on the market.

Using only the best natural ingredients, Silva has garnered a reputation for superior quality, taste, and design.

Chef Silva always cared for health and lifestyle and wanted to put that into his own work. He has a vision of making American food clean and healthy again and he has made it his own personal and professional mission to improve bakery food across the country with healthy options that are clean, delicious and most importantly, affordable!

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Our Quality Standards

We bake real handmade cookies, with no artificial preservatives, nothing artificial to improve flavor or color, and no addition of hydrogenated fats. All the ingredients we use are 100% natural and fresh, so you can enjoy a unique experience.

We are very honest and transparent about our production system because we want you to know exactly what you’re eating.

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