Tuscany Grandma’s Secret: How We Make Our Delicious Cookie Pie?

By Blog Tuscany | November 1, 2021

How was our Cookie Pie created?

From the very beginning, our team believed in the mission of creating and remaking America’s most well-known dessert with only clean ingredients. We also wanted to offer a unique experience for our customers by bringing the sensation of eating your grandma’s fresh-out-of-the-oven cookies. When we aligned our expectations during the process of selecting the finest ingredients, our founder Chef Diego Silva knew we should start with the best bakery cookies around and had the idea of the first cookie line Tuscany should launch: Cookie Pie!

When Diego brought the idea to our team, we knew that the Cookie Pie flavor would be a hit. Can you imagine combining the delicious crunch of a cookie with the incredibly smooth filling of a pie? That’s exactly how our Cookie Pie tastes like!

We wanted to bring the coziness of when your grandma used to make apple pies during the weekend along with the softness of freshly done cookies. As time went by and we started testing and experimenting the combinations, we decided to launch four flavors of the cookie pie: Apple Pie, Cherry Pie, Raspberry Pie and Strawberry Pie.

We believe that by offering different flavors we can reach more and more customers with all kinds of preferences and requisites, and that’s why our team is hard at work every single day to create the most unique and special recipes that’ll bring joy and delight to you, as the Cookie Pie already does.

How are they done and what do they taste like to be the best bakery cookie?

At the start, one of our missions at Tuscany was to be one of the best bakeries in the US. Today, we strive to keep being among them, and for that to be possible, we need to ensure that we are taking close care of every little step of the process to achieve the best bakery cookies. That means we take care of your experience from the beginning by selecting and separating the best clean ingredients until the moment you unpack and savor them, and our Cookie Pies are no different. The fact that all of our goodies are made in our own bakery, reinforces that we’re always paying close attention to the whole process. That brings us closer to our customers, and this is the kind of relationship we want to build with you, so we can be recognized as the best bakery around.

We start out by gathering all of our ingredients so we can separate them into batches of each flavor. For our Cookie Pie flavors, after they’re combined together it’s time to start filling them so they can be put in the oven. They’re gently filled with 100% real fruit jam, which helps to makes them the best bakery cookies ever! 

Then it’s time to cool and store them in a safe place, free of extreme humidity or heat that can compromise the whole Cookie Pie batch. When they’re done, we carefully pack them so they can be transported directly to grocery stores or your own home. 

When our cookies are finally there for you to savor them, you’ll experience a whole new level of tastefulness. Each cookie of our Cookie Pies line was developed thinking about how we could make you feel like home once you tasted them, and after some research and testing we were able to create these unique taste-like cookies that live up to the expectations of the title “best bakery cookie”.

Our main goal is to make our customers happy and pleased throughout every step, from the moment you place your order to the moment you take your last bite. Our Cookie Pies accomplishes that with the joy and the coziness of when you were a kid and used to spend the weekend at your grandparent’s house and they would always bake an apple pie that smelled like heaven, supported by the quality control each single cookie receives in our bakery.

Where can you find our Cookie Pie? Check out our cookie store online!

Although we’re based in Las Vegas, we supply all over the US. That means you can easily find our Cookie Pies nearby or even place an order on our very own cookie store online, which we launched to make the whole experience as practical as it can get. Another one of our missions is to keep an open communication along with our customers and your feedback is essential so we can keep producing and creating more and more unique recipes, to satisfy your needs, as well to keep producing the ones you already love. We believe that by making you happy through the whole process will make you come back for more, and we’re happy to see that you do! 

Our Cookie Pies come in different flavors and packages, and already available to discover at our cookie store online and choose whichever box you would like. By tasting our cookies you’ll see that it’s possible to have both quality and taste and we are sure you will credit them as the best bakery cookies you ever had. What are you waiting for? Check out our cookie store online right now!

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