Our Gift Boxes are the Best Gift Options, Learn How You Can Find the Perfect One in the Best Cookie Bakery in Las Vegas

What does it mean to gift someone?

Every single person in the world has at least once received or given a gift. Do you know what it means to gift someone? The art of gifting someone is a sort of tradition that was originated a very long time ago, and it can be so different in many countries around the globe. For example, in Japan wrapping the present is just as important as the gift itself, it shows respect and gratitude towards the other person. When you gift someone it’s a way of telling that person how much you appreciate them, it’s all about making them feel like they’re special and loved. Think about it, when someone gives you a gift, don’t you feel loved and warm inside? That’s the purpose behind the art of gifting! Thinking back in time when Tuscany was originated, our team had the vision of making American food clean again. And that is a way of taking care and showing our customers they are valuable, because we believe that you should be able to eat delicious cookies without having to compromise your health. So, in some sort of way, our cookie bakery in Las Vegas is here to make sure you feel appreciated, loved and warm inside!

Why gift someone Tuscany Gift Box Cookies?

Why gift someone cookies at all? Well, we’ll answer that in a simple way: to make their belly full and happy! Let’s take a step back and remember when the first American chocolate chip cookie was ever made: in 1930, a woman named Ruth Graves (who owned a bed and breakfast in Toll House, Massachusetts), decided to add small pieces of chocolate to a plain biscuit recipe. Attempting to pleaser her guests, she made the first American chocolate chip cookie ever! Can you imagine how they felt in that moment? Filled with pleasure and joy, her guests were more than happy for being a part of an historical moment. From that day on, chocolate chip cookies became the most well-known treat around the country and across the world. But cookies started to be seen as gifts still in 1930, when they were associated with holidays. Through that year, the Great Depression hit the US making people create a sense of thankfulness. So, when Christmas was close, parents started to bake cookies for Santa Claus as a gift. Since that time, cookies were commercialized and baked as gifts to others as a sign of love and respect. But now to the real question: why gift someone with Tuscany Gift Box cookies? Well, to start with, our cookie bakery in Las Vegas creates the best gourmet cookies across North America. That happens because we only use the finest all-natural ingredients and we keep a close eye to the whole process, from the moment we select the finest ingredients to the moment you take your last crumble. Also, we’re always on the making of new and unique recipes! No need to say our Gift Box Cookies comes in many flavors and options, you can discover and choose whichever you’d like! Our flavors include Cookie Pies, Butter Cookies, Jelly Cookies, Coconut Macaroons and even Vegan Jelly Cookies. Wow, that’s a lot, right? That’s because we like to make sure everyone gets a bite.

Where to find our Gift Boxes?

As our customers may know, we’re always making sure that we’re paying close attention to the whole process of creating the best gourmet cookies in America, from the moment we select our ingredients to the moment you take your last bite. And by making that, we’re able to create more and more practical and better solutions to our customers, from the creation of new flavors to new ways you can purchase Tuscany Cookies. That way we assure you’ll always come back for more and you’ll keep giving us your precious feedbacks. With that in mind, here at Tuscany we have so many ways and places you can find our Gift Boxes and other amazing products. Through the shelves of the nearest grocery store in Las Vegas or through our newly-launched online webstore, you can find as many options you want. Can you believe we supply across the entire US? That’s right, from Las Vegas to your shelf! By offering different ways of buying our goodies, you’re able to choose the easiest way to buy and savor our delicious gourmet cookies. Our Gift Boxes are only one click away, we’re sure you won’t regret it.