Apple Cookie Pie: Feel the flavor

By Blog Tuscany | October 1, 2021

If you’re looking for special cookies with traditional but also a creative and innovative flavor, don’t worry, you just found it! We believe that it’s time for you to have an experience about what is the best in the world of natural pastry. Our recipes and producing methods call upon the finest chefs of patisserie that had developed special recipes using only natural and selected high quality ingredients, without using any type of artificial preservatives or sweeteners. The result is astonishing: gourmet cookies that are healthy, nutritional, tasty and able to bring comfort to the soul and mind of everyone that are passionate about creative and also traditional foods.

Just like our other goodies, the Apple Cookie Pie is a gourmet cookie that, in addition to being developed with our secret and unique recipe, is made with premium natural flavors, ingredients of high quality and without hydrogenated fats, artificial sweeteners, colors or additives. The Tuscany’s treats also count with real butter, cane sugar and farm eggs in the crust (not in our vegan line) and a real fruit jam in the filling. In other words, we provide food and products that are fully natural, nutritional and support the health and well-being of the clients and nature.

Our line of Cookie Pies has four flavors: raspberry, cherry, strawberry and apple and all of them are made by a team focused on giving to you the legitimate Tuscany experience until the last crumble. The yummy jam made with the perfect amount of sugar matches perfectly with the crunchy topping and the mild and buttery crust. It’s also a perfect example of all the attention, caress and love we put in every cookie we made every day, without saying again about the meticulously selected ingredients you will find in all our products. All of that and it’s still accessible as well. 

With a team guided for originality and commitment, searching to keep the highest-impact culture in the whole food market, Tuscany Cookies always do the best in the pastries industry, being genuine and proud of what we do. Our cookies are made with caress and love, to provide the greatest experience for every American home. We are passionate about innovating and creating food that will bring to you a traditional American classic experience, added by creativity and joy. You will feel the pleasure of eating delicious cookies without any sort of guilt, that as we know, isn’t a feeling that should be associated with food in any circumstance.

Our products are diversified, to give you the freedom of choosing and experimenting different tastes, textures and forms. Each one has their exceptional and unique singularity, but each one, from the butter cookies up to the vegan ones, are made with the same selection and high quality that only handmade kitchen and passionate chefs can provide. So, it’s very important for us to be honest and transparent about each stage of the process of baking tasty treats.

We expect to expand everything you know about how far American healthy and tasty food can go and, believing that if we make a really good cookie, more and more customers will come enjoy them. Our chefs have the mission of baking the best every day and for that we planned the details of the entire production of our Apple Cookie Pie and all of the cookies of our five lines to make sure that you will enjoy every crumble and desire to eat the most delicious gourmet cookies in California. Just like a grandma can make food be nutritious, beautiful and tasty at the same time, our chefs will show you how the pastries taste in an effective, generous and handmade kitchen. 

Because of all that, the Apple Cookie Pie is tasty, healthy and the proof of what is a real cookie; feels like you are eating something that just came from the stove, made with clean and perfectly matched ingredients. It’s perfect for anytime and can be accompanied for anything, for breakfast served with a cappuccino, in a pot with milk to be eaten in the middle of the afternoon, in a vanilla ice cream to be shared with a friend or on a rainy day watching a movie with your family. No matter when or what your creativity orders, the Apple Cookie Pie is a real heart-warming experience that will provide you an epic and explosive flavor that only a truly delicious Tuscan dessert has.

Don’t miss the opportunity to know how our handmade gourmet cookies taste! If you already want to buy, you can find us online and request your order on our site, or if you want a live experience, you can visit us at 1331 S. Boulder hwy. Ste. 130 Henderson, NV 89015 (where we are open Monday to Friday at 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM) or can go to one of our many customers which are already selling our products, that includes independent and multiple retailers, supermarkets, greengrocers, delicatessens, garden centers, pound shops, cash and carry outlets, and expatriate shops. We hope you become one of them too!

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