Real Cookies

Real Ingredients.

Delightful treats made with premium
and natural ingredients only!

Our History!

All we do is to assure you the pleasure of eating all incredible treats, from the traditional butter cookie to a special cookie pie version or a delicious macaroon, handmade with only natural ingredients.

We believe in creating a better world through responsible acts and we do our part by making gourmet cookies with love and the finest ingredients. Now you can experience this unique line of cookies with just a few clicks!

Our bakery has repeatedly met and exceeded qualifications; we are an FDA registered facility, HACCP, and GMP certified!
Qualifications Tuscany Cookies

Our Products

We provide a variety of handmade gourmet treats with a selection of vegan options.

Cookie Pies

Apple, Guava, Raspberry & Strawberry for you to enjoy.

Butter Cookies

Traditional Butter, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut & Double Chocolate Chip, mix them up for a delicious surprise.

Jelly Cookies

Caramel, Raspberry & Strawberry, all-natural jelly.

Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroon

Traditional & Chocolate Almond.

Vegan Cookies

Guava, Mango & Strawberry, totally vegan style.

Our Chef

Master Chef Diego Silva, creator of Avatar Natural Foods, Tuscany Cookies and other brands, has introduced Nevada and the World to the finest quality products ever brought on the market.

Using only the best natural ingredients, Silva has garnered a reputation for superior quality, taste, and design.

Chef Silva always cared for health and lifestyle and wanted to put that into his own work. He has a vision of making American food clean and healthy again and he has made it his own personal and professional mission to improve bakery food across the country with healthy options that are clean, delicious and most importantly, affordable!

Our Quality Standards

We bake real handmade cookies, with no artificial preservatives, nothing artificial to improve flavor or color, and no addition of hydrogenated fats. All the ingredients we use are 100% natural and fresh, so you can enjoy a unique experience.

We are very honest and transparent about our production system because we want you to know exactly what you’re eating.

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