Grand Cookie Jelly Variety (18 Cookies)

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6 Raspberry Jelly Cookie;
6 Caramel Jelly Cookies;
6 Strawberry Jelly Cookies.

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Enjoyable jelly between two delicious soft-baked cookies for a treat that is unlike any other! This box comes with 18 cookies in 3 flavors: raspberry jelly cookie, caramel jelly cookie, and strawberry jelly cookie


Raspberry Jelly Cookies - Fresh Raspberries are used to make this delicious jelly that goes great with our delicious cookies.


Caramel Jelly Cookies - Order these for the incredible texture and prominent flavor. Is a butter cookie filled with creamy caramel to sweeten your day.


Strawberry Jelly Cookies - An incredible cookie filled with delicious strawberry jelly and splashed with powdered sugar fulfills that sweet craving.


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